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Kit Cat Soya Clump Soybean Litter – 5L

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Introducing the Kit Cat Classic Silica Crystal – a hygienic litter that consist of compostable mineral beads that is at least 4 times more effective than conventional cat litter.

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Made to quickly eliminate unpleasant odours, this easy to maintain and effortless to clean up cat litter is non-toxic and safe for all cats. Specially formulated to be lightweight for a mess free experience, this highly absorbent and odour-control cat litter keeps your home smelling clean and fresh without your cats compromising.


Contains No harmful chemical, dyes or make any attempt to change what is naturally occuring.


  • Antibactirial & Non Toxic
  • Maximum Odour Control
  • Easy Clean Up
  • 99% Dust Free & Non Tracking
  • Excellent Absorption
  • Easy Maintenance

How To Use

Step One: Fill litter box with approximately 2-3 inches of Kit Cat Classic Silica Crystal
Ensure that the crystal litter is evenly spread across the litter box to ensure maximum absorption.


Step Two: To prevent some crystals from becoming more saturated with urine than others, thoroughly stir the litter daily to encourage the moisture to evaporate from the crystals.


Step Three: When the litter is more yellowish or tan in colour, change a fresh batch of cat litter.


Additional information


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